ACTIVITIES - Science Education in Primary School


European Union POLLEN Project

  • CSET and its school partners develops science education activities in the frame of the European Union POLLEN Project

    - science education at Middle School No 195, Bucharest:

    - Pollen Science Summer School organized at the "Izvorul Rece" village primary school, for kindergarten, primary and middle school students, August 2-10, 2008

  • In the frame of the POLLEN Project, CSET has a twining program with Pedagoška fakulteta (Faculty of Education), Ljubljana, Slovenija
  • In pertnership with Pollen and La Main a la Pate projects and Casa Corpului Didactic, Bucharest, CSET organized two training courses for Romanian primary school teachers and kindergarten educators during the International Workshop "Science Education in School" (October 11-14, 2007) in Bucharest ;
  • Pollen Dissemination Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 17-20, 2008
  • the electronic magazine of the European Project Pollen where the activitaties carried out in Romania are presented (No.5 - February 2008, No.6 - May 2008 and No.7 - October 2008)